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The main goal of Comenius Networks is to create links between projects carried out by school partnerships and those relating to the training of school education staff.

Comenius Networks will be based on subjects of common interest with the aim of promoting European co-operation and innovation in school education in various thematic areas. Such networks will constitute:

  • a platform to assist persons and institutions involved in Comenius to strengthen their co-operation, and to enable them to maintain and consolidate their European co-operation beyond the period of Community support for their specific projects;

  • a forum for joint reflection and cooperation in identifying and promoting innovation and best practice in the thematic area concerned.

To be eligible for support, the partnership proposing to develop a network must include at least one organisation from each of six different countries participating in SOCRATES. Most participants in the networks will be institutions (schools, training institutions, research centres, educational authorities, associations, companies) which are currently taking part in projects, are initiating new projects or have completed projects under Comenius 1 or 2 or both. Their work will be further enriched by other organisations with particular expertise in the field concerned. Educational specialists and decision-makers participating in Arion study visits under the SOCRATES programme may also be involved.


The following list includes other Comenius networks or projects with a high relevance for Career Guidance.

The German language network:

The school and business network:

The business TV project:

You can present your network by filling in the project form.


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