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  • National Centre for Guidance in Education
    The National Centre for Guidance in Education is an agency of the Irish Department of Education & Science. NCGE supports and develops guidance practice in all areas of education. The website serves teachers, guidance counsellors and practitioners and people working in other relevant organizations and agencies in the field of education. The website has a variety of publications and resources, including a Guidance Counsellor Handbook.



  • National Resource Center for Vocational Guidance
    The centre is part of the European network in vocational guidance. The website offers the capability to search for educational opportunities in post-compulsory education, to manage of data obtained from clients in the counselling sessions and to test students? abilities in the respect of choosing a profession.
    It also includes a set of 27 training modules in the field of guidance and counselling for teachers resident in disadvantaged areas

United Kingdom

  • Connexions
    This website gives career advice, support and information for 13-19 year olds.

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