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Projects on Career Guidance in Europe


1. Dynamic Onlinetool for Guidance


Programme: Leonardo da Vinci

Thematic Area: Career Guidance

Target Group: Career guidance counsellors, career guidance teachers and career advisors as well as those who are currently planning their own career.
Partners: IBW, Austria; Asset Technology Ltd., Greece; Careers Europe, United Kingdom; CINOP, Netherlands; Fachhochschule des Bundes, Germany; Mittelstansbuo Balkan, Bulgaria, multiTASK, Austria; Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania.
Start Date: August 2005

End Date: July 2007

The pilot project focuses on ICT-professions as this is one of the sectors where the required knowledge, skills and competences permanently change, for example due to technical innovations. In such a sector a regularly updated dynamic onlinetool is of great advantage and is also a novelty above the internationally existing guidance information tools. Not only it enables to offer to-the-day updated information for guidance counsellors and clients; it also offers an information to ICT-companies about what knowledge, skills and competences their competition requires.

Contact Person's Name: Monika Thum-Kraft
Institution: ibw - Institute for Research on Qualification and Training of the Austrian Economy
Country: Austria



2 . Intercultural and Linguistic Barriers in Continuously Accesible Vocational Guidance and Counselling

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci
Thematic Area: Vocational Guidance and Counselling
Target Group: Direct target group - career guidance and counselling professionals and trainers of career counsellors. The indirect target group - young people and adult seeking career guidance and using counselling services, social partners, polititians.
Partners: Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania; Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain; Careers Europe, United Kingdom; Institut de Formation et de Promotion des Adultes, France; Europäische Bildungswerke für Beruf und Gesellschaft e.V., Germany.
Start Date: October 2003

End Date: September 2005

The results of the project:

  1. Report on actualities and development tendencies of career guidance and counselling systems in the partner countries, reflecting cultural and linguistic differences.
  2. Report on the main career guidance and counselling concepts significant for all the partner countries.
  3. On-line glossary for career guidance and counselling: The Career Guidance and Counselling Glossary is presented in five languages: Lithuanian, English, German, French and Spanish. The glossary has been compiled out of 148 terms.
  4. Multilingual handbook on the theories and schools of career guidance and counselling.

Contact Person's Name: Eilina Dailidiene

Institution: Vytautas Magnus University
Country: Lithuania




3 . Parents as facilitator in choosing vocational education for their children Training for school career counsellors focused on co-operation with parents

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci
Thematic Area: Vocational Counselling
Target Group: parents, counsellors
Partners: Jaunimo Karjeros Centras, Lithuania; Annur-Formación-Cultura, Spain; Fundatia Partener, Romania; Research & Consultancy Institute Ltd, Lithuania; Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Austria
Start Date: 01.10.2006

End Date: 30.09.2008

The Project puts forward the following objectives:


  • raising the professional qualifications of school vocational advisors in the area of cooperation with students’ parents
  • expanding parents knowledge how to properly help their children in choosing a future vocational path
  • ensuring students the support from their parents at the moment of making a decision about choosing a job
  • making vocational orientation for students more efficient by introducing parents into the assistance process
  • improving the effectiveness of the choice of vocational education by young people

Main results:

  1. 30-hour training course „How to cooperate with parents in shaping the vocational career of their children” for school vocational advisors with methodological materials for trainers and materials for participants.
  2. Guidebook for the parents on „How to help a child in making a vocational career decision”. The book will be written an intelligible way. Sample chapters will be the evaluation of children’s interests and abilities, help in decision-making, orientation on the labour market, communication with children. The book will also contain descriptions of good and bad practice of parents’ help.

Contact Person's Name: Joanna SzczeciƄska

Institution: Academy of Management, Lodz
Country: Poland


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